Memorial Tournament

Date March 30, 2019
Day of Week Saturday
Signup Deadline March 20, 2019
Applies to Handicap Yes
Format Uncle Woody - Four man teams comprised of an A, B, C, D flighted player. One net ball from the designated player - other three players pick best ball.
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2018 Memorial

Date March 25, 2018
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Locker Room Report

2018 Memorial Winners

2017 Memorial

Date March 18, 2017
Results Tournament Payouts

2016 Memorial

Date September 11, 2016
Results Tournament Payouts

2015 Memorial

Date March 14, 2015
Results Full Tournament Results
Tournament Payouts

Locker Room Report

2015 Lone Tree Memorial

Randal Gaddis, Mike Mara,and Marty Jones
Flight 1 Winners (along with Bob Davis)

2014 Memorial

Date March 22, 2014
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Locker Room Report

2014 Memorial Winners

Greg McCann, Richard Plumery & Gary Cuthberson


2013 Memorial

Date March 23, 2013
Results Tournament Payouts

This week's interview is with Nate Yeomans and John Schulte.

2012 Memorial

Date March 24, 2012
Results See Below

The results have changed from the posting on the scoreboard since one player's handicap was not correctly entered. When corrected, it moved his team into the money.

Team $400.00

First Place (117)Team 34
Jeff Marshall
Wayne Barnes
Steve Cottrell
Mike Mara

Team $340.00

Second Place Tie (119)Team 25
Steve Kelsen
Joel A Moore
Charles Barnard
Raul Acuna
Second Place Tie (119)Team 31
Derek Dodd
Jim Eliassen
Richard Plummery
Matt Gower

Team $260.00

Fourth Place Tie (123)Team 3
Jim Tatro
John Stratford
Cliff Brosius
Mark A Simon
Fourth Place Tie (123)Team 12
Steve Bryant
Mike Rodgers
Karl Kiefer
Gerald Mcnally Jr

Team $160.00

Sixth Place Tie (124)Team 28
Bryan W. Rowe
Tim C Henry
Michael L Thompson
Jerry Kanter
Sixth Place Tie (124)Team 18
Dave Miller
Scott Keyser
Harold Mcfarland
Raymond Bikulcius
Sixth Place Tie (124)Team 8
Daniel Silva
Gregory M Sprigg
Max Bumguardner
Joe Amoroso

Team $24.00

Ninth Place Tie (125)Team 13
John Younce
Bob Geoffrey
Peter Pagano
Jack Chugden
Ninth Place Tie (125)Team 15
Daniel Lowe
Tim Maley
David Calvert
Neil M Geitner
Ninth Place Tie (125)Team 20
Peter G Garvin
Ravi Raviendran
Jim B Pogue
Larry R Rath
Ninth Place Tie (125)Team 23
Bryan J Bergner
T J Rennaker
Brian Gilbertson
Jim O'Leary
Ninth Place Tie (125)Team 33
Eric Leavitt
Harry Cushing
Bill Kobermusz
Matt Brunson

Team $80.00

Closest to the PinHole 3
Mike Anderson - Team 27
Anderson, Mike
Mcrae, Gordon A
Schade, Garrett
Souza, Johnathan
Closest to the PinHole 7
Kevin Foster - Team 14
Crump, Chris A
Cuthbertson, Gary
Foster, Kevin
Jennings, Leroy
Closest to the PinHole 10
Jim Tatro - Team 3 -- HOLE IN ONE!!
Brosius, Cliff
Simon, Mark A
Stratford, John
Tatro, Jim
Closest to the PinHole 13
Tim Maley - Team 15
Calvert, David
Geitner, Neil M
Lowe, Daniel
Maley, Tim
Skins at $250 Each - All Winnings PaidTeam 2
Fulps, Michael
Jones, Marty E
Nickoley, Paul
Sorell, Reagan
Skins at $250 Each - All Winnings PaidTeam 12
Amoroso, Joe
Bryant, Steve
Bumguardner, Max
Rodgers, Mike
Skins at $250 Each - All Winnings PaidTeam 27
Anderson, Mike
Mcrae, Gordon A
Schade, Garrett
Souza, Johnathan
Skins at $250 Each - All Winnings PaidTeam 30
Davenport, David K
Gordon, John
Krems, Bill
Ruddy, Matthew